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Thread: Thoughts on a new PvP build?

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    Default Thoughts on a new PvP build?

    Hey guys, just want to thank you for reading, early in.
    I've tried a lot of different dominator builds, but i was trying to theory craft a new build for high burst as dom. What i've come up with is something like this = http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...Vzc.MsizikVgbk

    Quite a few builds sound amazing in theory, and you get to trying it and it's nothing but trash. With this build, I'd get Lightning Strike, Hastened Withdrawal, Ice Shield, Storm Shackle, and Mental Shock. Of course there's some other abilities in there that are nice, but the spells listed above were what i had as highlights in my head.

    Thanks again for reading, any and all thoughts or tips are greatly appreciated.

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    If you were knew you would get heals 100% of the time, and Knew how to not play like a ****** and when to push forwards / pull back and with proper target selection.


    Could be usefull, I know you miss out on some goodies in AM. But thats a whole lotta AoE burst right there. Especially if your Trait / Stormshackle is hitting while you have them electrified / Ice sheared..

    Some nice ST damage possible as well. You could pull more with points in AM for +15 Spell damage and might be worth it to lose out on Lightning strike.

    Little to no Survivability though.

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