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Thread: a slight nudge in the right direction.

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    Default a slight nudge in the right direction.

    I'm in the process of looking up info on mages. Today being my verry first day playing Rift I'm a bit confused about the mage class. I play a mage because i like ranged DPS and dont like using an arrow or a gun to get it done, but i have 2 questions. Is there a good leveling spec i should be using. Right now my toon is at lvl 9 i think. I went pyro/ storm. I figured hell, fire and lightning...Sweet! Im not a real fan of DOT's or needing a pet for damage or survival. Not that i wont use a pet for leveling, im just curious to weather or not i picked the right combo for the style of play i like.

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    Go necro, get soul purge, and a tank pet when your first starting the game, you will easily level without hardly ever dying, and you will never have to drink.

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