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Thread: My Mage Guide for T2's and raiding.

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    Default My Mage Guide for T2's and raiding.

    Mage Guide 1.3
    By Homd
    This guide is for the mage that wants to become a dungeon runner and raider.
    When you it 50 in Rift it is imperative that you have all 5 roles unlocked. The five specs a mage should, but please do what you have fun and are comfortable with, have are healing (Chloromancer), raid and group support (Archon), and 3 dps (Necro/Lock and Stormcaller/Elementalist are always required; the third can be left up to personal taste).
    Credit to Bluedots for this evaluation.
    “Spell power is an additive. while Crit is multiplicative. Spell power will give you X more damage to your spells, but Crit will give you Y% more damage to your spells. For example:
    Lets say you have 1000 SP and 25% chance to Crit.
    If you cast a spell with 100 base damage (damage listed on the tooltip) that has a 100% efficient to SP you will do:
    1100 Damage. 1000SP + 100 Base damage.
    Now with 25% Crit you have a 25% chance to do 50% more damage (80% if you have the Tempest talent). Which means on average your 25% Crit causes your spell to do 12.5% more damage (50% damage x 25% chance).
    If we add that into our first equation (1100 Damage = 1000SP + 100 Base damage) we get something like:
    (1000SP + 100 Base damage) x (1+ 12.5%) = 1237.5 damage.”

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    Necromancer/Lock is an option for your main raid and dungeon single target dps. With concentration and execution of a solid rotation high dps numbers are achieved. The soul spec you will want to utilize is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1z...kzs.ecRhzVVx.M . If you think your health is too low or you know you will be doing a healing intensive fight in a raid you can put the two points from Elementalist into vitality on the Warlock soul.
    Use the Skeleton Zealot
    Warlock Armor should be applied at all times
    The rotation for this soul spec includes:
    To establish dps and gain charge
    Life leech, looming demise, necrosis, dark touch, Neddra’s Torture, Draining bolt, and void bolt. After this pop exhume, empty the crypts, Lich Form, Sacrifice Life: Damage, and lastly your trinket if applicable.
    After this use void bolt till you dots are about to fall off then reapply necrosis and dark touch. Void bolt automatically refreshes life leech. Now continue to spam void bolt and reapply your dots until your Empty the Crypts pets desummon. When they desummon you should continue your rotation but when your dots are 8sec+ and you have 80+ charge you should begin channeling Soul Purge. Let soul purge finish its channel then reapply any dots that have fallen off if they have (they shouldn’t have).
    An amazing macro to use for this spec is:
    #show void bolt
    Cast Neddra’s Torture
    Cast Draining Bolt
    Cast void Bolt

    This makes sure your Torture and Draining bolt always used and not taking up space on your action bar.

    Whenever Empty the Crypts is up use it but first pop exhume then Empty the Crypts. Even if Lich form and other cool downs do not align with ETC (Empty the Crypts) use them.

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    Stormcaller/Elementalist is primarily for AOE and killing trash mobs. The souls you will use are here
    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...sbo.Vtcz0xoAkz .

    Use Greater Air Elemental
    The Synergized buff should be applied to pet

    Stone Armor should be applied at all times

    The AOE rotation for 2 mods is Lightning Storm, lightning field x3 and forked lightning x2. After the first use of lightning field x3 do forked lightning 2 times then lightning field 2 times until mobs are dead or lightning storm refreshes then start over.

    The AOE rotation for 3 or more mobs is Lightning storm, lightning field x2, and forked lightning x3. Continue to do the lightning field and forked lightning rotation until the trash is dead or lightning storm comes back then continue the rotation.

    Cd’s can be popped if you want to for trash. On bosses that spawn adds use these rotations to kill adds and the boss.

    If you really, really want to challenge yourself SC/Ele has an intense single target dps rotation.

    1. Pillaging Stone x5
    2. Thunderbolt x3
    3. Ice Shear
    4. Lightning Strike
    5. Cloudburst
    6. Building Storm On
    7. Static Flux On
    8. Intensify Elements
    9. Trinket
    10. Static Discharge
    11. Cloudburst x2
    12. Arctic Blast
    13. Raging Storm
    14. Building Storm Off
    15. Static Flux Off
    16. Ice Shear
    17. Lightning Strike
    18. Cloudburst
    19. Static Flux On
    20. Cloudburst x2
    21. Static Flux Off
    22. Forked Lightning
    23. Ice Shear
    24. Lightning Strike
    25. Cloudburst
    26. Building Storm On
    27. Static Flux On
    28. Cloudburst x2
    29. Arctic Blast

    Rinse and repeat starting back on #2.

    If you mess up on your rotation or want an easier less crazy one do Thunderbolt x3, Ice shear, lightning strike, and cloudburst x 5. If the fight will last less than one minute replace Thunderbolt with raging storm. Immediately after the fifth cloudburst use one thunderbolt and start the rotation over leaving out the three thunderbolts. If your electrified buff falls off it means you went to slow and reapply these buffs with three thunderbolts. If you are using this easier rotation Pop your static discharge, intensify elements, static flux and lastly your trinket after you have full charge and you should only pop this after you have applied your ice shear.

    In combat use channel elements to regain mana if you run out of mana. While out of combat use revitalize to regain mana. Furthermore you can use ice shield if you have grabbed aggro and need to take a little bit of damage by accident.

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    Pyro/Ele is a single target build I use when pets are known to die during a boss fight (Cyclorax in CC) or there is minimal movement (Jultharin in CC). This spec is second or possibly first in single target dps depending on the fight. The build I currently use is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...xo..Vthz0xoAkz

    Use Greater Air Elemental with the synergized buff applied.

    Pyromancer’s Armor and Flaring Intellect should be applied at all times.

    Find yourself a good spot to park yourself and set down your ground of power. If possible you want to stay in this buff and this is why this is a good spec for minimal movement fights. After you have your ground of power set down you will begin your rotation. If possible using 5 pillaging stone before going into a boss fight would raise your stats and therefore your dps.

    I highly recommend creating the macro
    #show Fireball
    Cast flame bolt
    Cast fireball

    You will continually hit that macro, make sure to watch out for Cinder Burst to proc and when it does instant cast Cinder Burst until you have full charge. When 100% charge is achieved you will then pop internalized charge, intensify elements, heat wave, and lastly your trinket if applicable. Continue to spam your macro and use your instant cast Cinder Bursts when you receive them. When you have 100% charge again after that use internalize charge and intensify elements because heat wave takes off the CD on intensify elements. Spam your macro continuously and whenever you receive 100% charge pop internalize charge. When the mob reaches 30% add inferno to your rotation popping it whenever its CD is off. If you do have to change your positioning make sure to cast ignite onto the target to keep your dps up and re-ground your ground of power. Burning shield makes your next ground of power an instant cast but you must already have a ground of power set somewhere.
    You can still utilize channel elements and revitalize in this spec as well for mana regen. Flicker is a great ability to use to get you out of bad a situation so that is always on my action bar.

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    Chloromancer is a highly debatable spec. There are many different soul combos and points you can use for dungeon and raid healing. Also many different combinations of rotations are utilized to heal. There are two definite things about chloromancer; lifebound veil + synthesis is for healing a tank while lifegiving veil is for raid or AOE healing. My personal spec for chloro healing is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0zRvq.EdIuqAIkRR.xx.V going 5 more points into warlock is applicable for vitality if you need extra health but 5 points into elementalist gives more healing.

    Dark armor and Living Energy should always be applied.

    For AOE healing or healing multiple people at once use lifegiving veil for maximum effectiveness. I personally first cast radiant spores, then ruin, and lastly spam vile spores. Refresh radiant spores and ruins dot when radiant spores expire then spam vile spores. If there are multiple targets use radiant spores, nature’s fury, ruin then spam vile spores again. Always keep nature’s fury on CD. If you really need to do a lot of AOE healing keep your flourish on CD and natural splendor if there are multiple mobs.

    For single target healing put synthesis on the tank which will automatically activate lifebound veil. I personally spam void life and if this is not enough heals for the tank I move to spamming natural healing, however natural healing generates a lot of threat. When opportunity procs there are many different things I do

    Situation 1:

    The raid needs extra healing as well as the tank then I use my opportunity for Nature’s Touch.

    Situation 2:

    The tank is the only one who needs healing then I use my opportunity for natural healing.

    Situation 3:

    There are multiple targets on the tank then I use my opportunity for nature’s fury. If nature’s fury is on CD use natural healing.

    If the tank is getting low on health I like to pop my bloom and flourish. However if the tank is about to die it is time to pop your oh **** button, essence surge. Also when you reach full charge you can use Entropic Veil to increase your dps. However if there are multiple targets I usually use wild growth and corrosion. There are two chloro mana regeneration talents, empathic bond and living shell. Empathic bond requires synthesis to be use. Living shell is dangerous because if you are struck when using this you can actually lose mana. Chloromancers also have a cleansing spell, nature’s cleansing. The two rezzes chloros have are living seed, their regular rezz, and soul tether, a battle rezz. I can’t say with that I am completely positive that this is the most effective way to heal but I can say I have solo healed many T2s and know this system works.

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    Archon is your support raid spec. Archon has no real reason to make an appearance in any T2 group. Also its dps isn’t completely useless I can pull like 700-900 dps with it which considering it’s a support spec isn’t that bad. The spec I use is http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...sRfiqkrz.x.McV .

    Buffs to keep up

    1. Tempered Armor*

    2. Burning Purpose*

    3. Shared Vigor*

    4. Arcane Aegis*

    5. Vitality of Stone*

    6. Fire Armor

    *-Watch and make sure you don’t lose the buffs during a fight cause they only last for 4mins.

    When first engaging a mob use lingering dust, crumbling resistance, and ashen defense. These debuff the mob and buff you and damage put on by others. Sometimes these debuffs fall off before hitting their 4 minute timer and if you notice one is gone try to reapply it. This falling off only happens on bosses but you can apply them to bosses. I havent figured out why they suddently disappear after being on a boss for a little bit (1-2mins).

    Now only the first rotation do you use Searing Vitality to gain endurance. After searing vitality spam your macro

    #show pillaging stone

    Cast earthen barrage

    Cast volcanic bomb

    Cast surging flare

    Cast leeching flames

    Cast pillaging stone

    Thanks to bluedots for the macro.

    This is you rotation the entire time. The cool downs of these spells are lined up so it always goes straight through the rotation and stops at pillaging stone for a few hits like it should. Also try to keep your consuming flames on CD and pop it whenever it is up on the tank. Furthermore, the first time you get to 100% charge use rock slide. However after the first time you use rockslide use your charge to activate power drain every single time. Coordinate with the raid leader for when you should pop your flaring power and when you do activate this ability also activate waning power and your trinkets if applicable.

    This guide is meant to simply get you on the right track to becoming a master mage. Please look more deeply into your class and think for yourself. Always have fun with your class but remember if you are in a raiding guild things are expected such as DPS, having different types of soul combinations, and knowledge of your souls. Furthermore, when planning which dps spec to use analyze the upcoming boss fight and think about what would be most effective.

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