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Thread: Need a macro for Lock/Necro build

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    Default Need a macro for Lock/Necro build

    I havent played my mage in months and decided to start leveling him again. Warlock/Necro. I need help with macro and setting up my bar. Only lvl 22 atm with 22 points in lock and 7 in necro

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    Theres no macros.. except for putting

    #show lolmagedps
    petcast Blood Spike
    petcast Jagged Wound
    petcast Soul Rend
    cast a_dot_or_voidbolt

    The rest is like chess.. a solid opening rotation, and then maintenance to sustain it. The reason you put the pet stuff in the beginning is because in raids or dungeons the pet randomly wanders off when a warrior charges because it seems like their stun is considered a cc... so to keep your pet focused you have to include that in every skill or you lose dps. If you're incapable of playing without macros, reroll to a cleric or rogue or warrior now while you're still 'young' and 1 or 2 button it up.
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