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Thread: Mage PVP Build: Yes or No

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    Default Mage PVP Build: Yes or No

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    It'd work, though personally i've never liked 16 Necro builds, spending the extra 5 on a pet that actually does something as well as all that sweet sweet essence link healing is well worth it imo . You could drop some lock points to get to 21 nec, or drop a little archmage -crit and a little lock (though since your r1 that might be ill advised). Degeneration isnt such a staple when you have consumption but is still great.

    Also, i'd change the lock points quite a bit...

    Oppurtunity is too good not to max (whether its an insta wither on a pesky warr/rogue, a fear, a void bolt, whatever)
    Imp void bolt will probably be more useful than imp life leech. If you are taking imp LL at least go all the way and get the free LL refresh on void bolt, but really I don't think its worth 3, nor 5 points, in that build.
    Neddras torture can be dropped depending on your playstyle, and generally unless you are going to be timing a nuke down for when the torture blows, that cast may have been better spent.

    To get the points for oppurtunity, id consider dropping dark fury (and improved). While it can come in handy, it shares DR with fear and silence, while also barely stunning someone much longer than the gcd you spent on the 4 talentpoint/30sec cd skill, while also nerfing your next fear/silence. Its great situationally but not often enough (imo).

    TLDR; http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1z...zo.ex0Nk0qxk.E may work better, you are going to be casting essence link to heal debuff people anyway, might as well be healing yourself while its at it (nec pet control is nice and easy if your a pet hater too, simply macro pet attack to essence link).

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