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Thread: Trying out Necro/Dom

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    Default Trying out Necro/Dom

    I'm just a lvl 46 mage and I'm testing various builds (studying and building them myself, not copying them from someone else) to find the one I enjoy the most.
    Moreover, I'm trying to find a balanced spec that is able to give decent survivability, good burst damage when needed, CC and some hp and mana regen.

    Yesterday, tired of the usual necro class with just 1 boring pet (and coming from a lvl 80 necro in AoC with 9 pets) I decided to add more spice to a necro build going for Lich form + dom's Split Personality.

    I enjoyed that, both in pvp and pve.

    The most effective skills so far, especially in PvP, seem to be Squirrel/Storm Shackle/Haunting Pain followed by dots, debuffs and Soul Purge as finisher. If I really need more burst damage, I simply add Split Personality + Lich Form and start bombing (2 min cooldown isn't too much for a decent & quick nuke).

    In big group fights, with shadow revenant pet spreading the desease, I spam Necrosis and other DOTs to the enemy group and use SS/HP and Thunder Blast to defend allies that are chased by melee.

    Now I'm working on details, improving the build by spending the points better (depending on the pets I use most) and trying to decide which 3rd soul would fit best (using Lock atm, but since I'm not 50 yet I don't even get Reconstruct or Opportunity, so it's pretty much wasted).

    OK, I know that there are much better and effective builds to use atm, but I find it fun to play and good enough so far.

    Any suggestion on how to improve it?


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