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Thread: Critique pvp builds please...

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    Default Critique pvp builds please...

    These two builds are based on my two fav classes, SC and Warlock. Which of these has the most merit in tier 6 pvp?





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    Idk bro. If you want to do ridic damage and keep survivability up with soul purge. Try this one http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z...0hkmqxk.xx0M0c

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    Having Mass Fear is much better than having Necrosis.

    I would change your Lock Template:

    0 archon gives you buff-padding for warlock armor and another dot (though not death damage), along with 40ish intel which may translate to more than 3% more damage on some spells and less on others.

    I would drop the 4-point-2.5-second-stun; you have fears, mass fear, and choke that use the same diminishing returns timer. I think some people underestimate how useful Lingering pain is, you get a refresh and an immediate tick of life leech every time VB lands... not game-changing but I think there is room for it in a 44-lock build.

    On the SC build

    I did not run SC in PVP all that long and it was due to the simple fact that it is a group-oriented spec. You cannot run it and expect to be able to solo-pug WFs... and that's mostly what I do.

    I ran something like this for a bit, though I had building storm in there somehow or other.


    It's a build with a bunch of castable AE and instant single target spells, so withered veins seems like a poor choice. Ride the Wind stacks well with Hastened Withdrawl.

    On a side note I recommend testing out something with 31+ dom.
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