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Thread: Returned to Rift 1.3 SC questions

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    Default Returned to Rift 1.3 SC questions

    I haven't played Rift since before 1.2, before I left my SC had a nice easy rotation and I could easily do 1k plus DPS.

    Now I see this BS/AB thread and that rotation may be good but seems ridiculous, any other good rotations out there?

    Also what is the new 1.3 SC AoE Rotation?? Right now I am wishing I hadn't came back to Rift as I hate my mage more than I did when I quit.

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    The AB/BS rotation is the highest single target rotation for SC/Ele. A pyro/ele will typically beat it in a raid largely due to the simpler rotation.

    AoE is the same:
    3x FL > 1x LF

    You can throw in a Lightning Storm if there are more then 5 targets.

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