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Thread: Mage pvp advice please

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    Default Mage pvp advice please

    Thanks for taking the time to help me out guys. I have just recently dusted off my mage. (been shelved for 3 months) I am currently @ lv 45 and thought it would be best to start earning favor now, instead of starting off @ lv 50 with 'zero' gear to help extreme squishy problem.

    I am wanting to tryout a Dom/warlock build to go along with my chloro/warlock, when I want a break from healing.

    To be honest, I dont know much about the Dom soul except, there are a ton of ability buttons. I understand it is a pretty situational spec (not a 1 or 2 button macro build).

    I believe I have a good spec for my level, and I have spent time trying to understand most of the spells/abilities.

    What I am hoping to get some help/pointers with is, what to 'push' and 'when'.

    is there a good rotation? what is best to do, when jumped by a rogue? (besides swear) What is the best way to take down a healer/caster?

    The number of abilities and spells this soul combo can cast, seems a little overwelming at first glance. I believe it is going to take a good about of practice as well as, trial and error.

    I am fairly new to pvp as a dps class. I am grateful for any help you can offer me, in making my leaning curve a little easier, as well as maybe a little more successful.
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    At this stage the only useful spec is dom/chlo/arch for your lvl 45.

    Try this... Be careful against rogue and warrior, they will bring you down easily..


    Rotation: (remember casting speed increased by 30% after squirrel so take advantage of it)
    Squirrel>Deadth Edict>Thunder Blast>Neutral Pond x 3> Squirrel again> Entropic Viel (20% Boost Damage)> Storm Shackles > Traitorous Influence
    If you are fighting against mage/cleric > Cast Accelerated Decay> Void Shroud > Incompetence > and Mana Drain.. Its not easy to kill cleric with this if a cleric survives the your burst damage.. You have to wait 30 second again.. Use split personality aswell to increase the damage.

    If you are fighting against rogue or a warrior, use Squirrel>Deadth Edict>Split Personality> Transference>Storm Shackles>Traitorous Influence>Accelerate Decay.. Then keep using neutral pond (**** damage spell, thats the best we have at this stage) while on the move.. And heal your self as much as possible..

    Fighting against a good rogue and warrior is not easy.. Don't under estimate your enemy..

    Give this a shot and see how you go..


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