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Thread: Chloromancer Veil question

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    Default Chloromancer Veil question

    I made a chloromancer, and I like the class so far, but I have a question that is confusing me.

    Life giving veil and life bound veil look like the exact same spell, with the same effect, cept for the fact that life giving is MUCH better. There are a lot of talents that seem to buff life bound, but even with that, it does not seem to get anywhere close to the healing you get from life giving.

    Is there some hidden talent/reason for the life bound veil?

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    Synthesis. Void Life. Nature's Touch. Those are the reasons for Lifebound Veil. It's a tank healing aura, mainly.
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    A previous post on this topic I made that seemed to help other folks:

    LGV is technically our AoE heal veil, given that it does MORE AoE healing than LBV. Synthesis does NOT work with LGV, and if you apply synthesis to a target, it'll actually overwrite your LGV with LBV.

    LBV, however, works with Synthesis, offering larger tank heals, but smaller AoE heals. Hence why this one is now called "tank healing" or, wrongly, "single target" healing, since it's not. It's still AoE, just not as effective. Whereas LGV is not as effective in healing the tank.

    So as it stands now in my testing while doing raid rifts, 51/10/5 chloro/dom/ele is dominant in the LBV healing, with a simplified healing rotation (void life --> natures touch.) This spec also works with LGV, but...

    36/30/0 chloro/lock/archon is vastly superior for LGV heals (same rotation pre-1.3), both in terms of blatant DPS output (I was pulling 500ish instead of the 300ish going 51-point chloro), and overall AoE healing output. Granted, you lose your new fun chloro abilities. This only lacks 7.5% damage-to-healing conversion by not dipping an additional 15 points into chloro for LGV, but you gain 20% damage, 5% crit, 10% opportunity procs, and 25% increased charge generation.

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