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Thread: Deathtouched souledstone vs lessers?

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    Default Deathtouched souledstone vs lessers?

    Well, first question, deathtouched soulstone says..after casting draining bolt, your damage over time spells deal an additional 111 damage for 20 seconds, does that mean ALL your dots (necrosis/dark touch defile ect) will deal +111 dmg?

    Second question, if the above is true, do you think this is better than say an epic lesser in the slot or no?

    P.S - Oops on topic title, i meant soulstone lol
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    To clarify the mechanics:
    It does an additional 111 damage for the duration of the spell. A DoT that does a total of 1000 damage for 5 ticks of 100 damage each will do a total of 1111 damage after a Draining Bolt, and tick for 110.

    Lets take Necrosis for example, it has a coefficient of 30% (30% of your spell power is converted to damage) and does a base 317 damage (in Zoomancer spec) over 10 ticks.

    With Dark Rites (15 int, 15 Wis, 16 Sp), which gives you a total of 31 SP, you get an additional 9.3 damage over the total duration of the DoT.

    So for DoTs it is a huge increase, but a Lesser effects everything while the Deathtouched only effects DoTs. With any Necro/Lock rotation Void Bolt or Plague Bolt is going to make up for a massive amount of your total damage.

    Here is a quick Zoomancer rotation:
    As you can see Plague Bolt was 29% of the total damage done and the highest single damaging spell. Furthermore, your pet directly scales with your own stats. I haven't figured out the exact coefficients and scaling of the pets but it is safe to say that 31 SP would have a visible effect on the damage of your pet, whereas the Deathtouched will not.

    In the end I have not figured out the exact value of Deathtouched, and it would vary based on your spec and rotation, but it doesn't look good and IMHO is defiantly not worth making a Sigil for.

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