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Thread: Hypothermia

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    Default Hypothermia

    Doesn't it feel like hypothermia should be a bit easier to apply? Right now about the only time I see it up is with artic blast and that's a 2 second cast with a 20 second cooldown. There's just never any time to effectively use icicle and nothing else fits the role.

    I almost never want to bother getting building storm since hypothermia is so hard to come by. It just feels really clunky. Or am I missing something?

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    It's worth getting BS stacks up for AB since AB hits pretty hard.

    Hailstorm is ok for getting hypo on as well since it does pretty good damage for its cast time, but you have to be very quick at placing the template or it becomes ineffective.

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    Yeah well... Now that Domi has increased in popularity I hope that Trion checks "Quick Thinking" to finnally affect SC Hypotermia triggering effects as it does with other snares/root powers...

    ...I have been systematically reporting this as a bug since... I don't know... forever... No luck so far ...

    ...But hey! np... You can trigger it with Archon's "Burning Purpose" aura casts... go figure ;).
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    If your getting attacked you can apply hypothermia instantly with icy vortex.

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