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Thread: Solo necromancer souls

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    Default Solo necromancer souls

    So what souls go well with necromancer for soloing? Thanks in advance.

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    Necro/lock/chloro or necro/lock/archon..lock/am/necro for pvp.

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    I have been gone from Rift for almost 2 months. Obviously the game has changed..
    this was my old leveling build i used.

    I always liked the Necro type builds, I found this one was great for me (i didn't come up with it, maybe modified it a little from another build) I tried many before i ended up with this one.

    Maybe someone here can post a better 1.3 build?... As far as i know the build still works fine. I ran around killing random things to get a feel for the game again, and my only problem was i had completely borked my rotation.

    I'm curious how well it works now, my mage is only 40 right now. so it's 16 Chloro/30 necro/7 lock.
    Does great in PvE, and holds up decent in PvP as flag support or just DPS as long as i don't get ganged up on.
    So if anyone can give me feedback, i'd appreciate it.

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