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Thread: PVP (P5-P6): The Circle of Nerfs is bad because

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    Default PVP (P5-P6): The Circle of Nerfs is bad because

    Now I have to play star wars....

    Constructively, here is the reason Trion's rotating nerfs are leading to planned defections. Not exclusive to mages (e.g., number 1 is cited by all archetypes). Note that no change is going to keep my main guild here, half of them already have class/spec for old republic <sigh>.

    1. Number one cited reason is comfort

    Some people like to learn one thing and then do it for years as long is it remains competitive. About 20% of one guild I run with is leaving because they can't face essentially starting from scratch every couple months.

    2. Inequality of Nerfs

    One example, our mages are upset because even when warriors had to spec one spec for pvp, that one spec was still number one at geared levels. See Kutsuu screen shots. (Competitive P5-P6 players have consistently pointed to warriors as the best pvp class from release despite rogue qq.)

    3. Lack of dps

    Pre-1.3 Mages could not kill others as fast as they could kill mages at p5-p6. Now most mages can't kill a healed toon in PvP. Partly because they can't contribute enough damage and partly because good teams focus down the softest targets first due to the lack of rezzes in pvp. Nothing is softer than a dps mage. Which leads to:

    4. Cloth

    People are bitter about having lowest defense and offense. Which ties into:

    5. Archetype Roles

    Most mages rolled a mage due to traditional archetype roles. A few have nerd raged off Rift because they can't stomach being essentially a utility class that is optional instead of ... a mage. Some complain because the classic dps aspect of mages is gone but other archetype aspects remain (e.g., cloth).

    6. No place for casuals

    There is no place for competitive players to be casual. For roleplayers like myself, I just switch toons to whatever is competitive. Casuals invest in one toon and don't have time to roll and gear a new archetype every 2-3 months.

    7. Lack of Mobility

    Bitterness that mages do stationary damage that isn't significantly different than rogue mobile damage.

    8. Nerf Reasoning

    There is a faction that is bitter because pure numbers are nerfed but op'd combos are left alone. Specifically, pre-1.3 warriors could AE cc, do great damage AND undispellably heal debuff leading to 60-kill warfronts. In 1.3 warriors were buffed across the board and pyro was nerfed due to damage of P6 players on P1-P2 players.

    9. Mage negatives effect every facet of gameplay

    Most mages can't travel alone pvp or pve. Rogues at p5-p6 will kill them in a stun or, what alot of people rage about, hit them with bleeds ticking for 200+ and then just leave knowing the mage will die.

    10. Long term viability takes to long

    Most mages I know are convinced that spellpower scaling will take care of the problem with the new pve gear/weapons. Some people left after 1.3 simply because of the impossibility of getting the raid weapons (since mages are not wanted in raids). One quit because no equivalent PvP upgrades were patched.

    11. Complexity of playing a competitive mage

    Although some mages say that they can do competitive damage, they have complex rotations that can't be macroed. Fine for PvE but not workable in pvp where fights constantly move.

    12. Buff Bot (pve)

    Only archon and some chloros are wanted atm. One mage stated: "If I wanted to be a buff-***** I would play DAoC."

    On a different note, though, our warriors (including myself) are very happy that they can now spec a variety of ways. Each archetype should have been designed the way warriors are now from release.

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    Very well said. I cancelled my account at the begining of this month for some of the reasons you mentioned.

    Unfortunately, I had 6 month pay cycle, so my account is paid through Oct. 3. But with 1.3 buffs I had high hopes and I am trying to see if I want to resub.

    Right now, that answer is no. Mages need alot more work. If I do resub, it will only be monthly, so Im not stuck paying for frustration or something I don't use anymore.

    I hope the Devs come to their senses, otherwise they will continue to bleed subs.

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    Phew, point 1 actually scares me.

    How could it be fun to always play the same specc? PVP or PVE, that would be stagnation at it's most horrific status.

    For me it's the other way round. If the most successful specc wouldn't change or pvp environment or encounter in pve wouldn't need you to use different varations of speccs, I'd run for my life. What fun would that be, to always play the same stuff. For "years" good god O_o I don't buy that, no human being could stand this monotony and call it a "game".

    Besides, "from scratch" is quite the exaggeration. Every *insert calling here* should have knowledge about all the souls available. So with a little practice to the newest changes you can always adapt. That's just part of being a skilled *insert calling here* if you ask me.

    So who left because of your point no1 is really gone for good and should think about playing card games like bridge or something. Wth.

    Just my 2 cents of course...
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    I agree with some of your points and disagree with others. All in all, though, entertaining read. 5stars.
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