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Thread: Testing some Necro/Lock Bugs!

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    Question Testing some Necro/Lock Bugs!

    I've seen claims that some Necro/Lock skills were bugged and I wanted to test them, before deciding anything. I thought I'd share the results.

    1) Claim (by BaronT): Plague Bolt only gives one stack of deathly calling even when fully specced.


    Tested with Deadly Plague (5/5):
    Plague Bolt was actually giving 2 stacks of DC per cast, everytime.


    2) Claim (by DeadlySight): During the last 6 seconds (the extended period), the damage/tick of talented Necrosis is the same as default.


    Death's Ally 0/0
    Flesh Rot 0/0
    Necrosis (Tooltip): 189 over 12s
    Actual Damage: 66 / 99 c (7 ticks) = 462 average dmg

    Death's Ally 5/5 (+5% Death dmg)
    Flesh Rot 0/0
    Necrosis (Tooltip): 198 over 12s
    Actual Damage: 70 / 104 c (7 ticks) = 490 average dmg

    Death's Ally 5/5 (+5% Death dmg)
    Flesh Rot 3/3 (+6s duration, +60% damage)
    Necrosis (Tooltip): 317 over 18s
    Actual Damage: 60 / 91 c (10 ticks) = 600 average dmg

    As you can see the damage was lower, but made over 3 more ticks. The end result was only 22.5% additional damage, not 60%. Go figure.

    However, due to the lack of any real alternatives (unless you're speccing Deadly Plague), you may still have to put those 3 points in Flesh Rot. But it's definitely bugged, unless I am missing something.


    3) Claim (by DeadlySight): During the last 6 seconds (the extended period of talented Necrosis), the pet doesn't get a guaranteed crit (known bug forever).


    Zealot Pet lvl 50:

    Flesh Rot: 5/5
    Blood Spike (Tooltip): 72 - 75
    Actual damage: 158
    w/ Necrosis (100% crit chance)
    Within First 12s = 237
    Within Extra 6s = 158 (90% of the time NO crit), 237 (only 10% of the time).

    Sadly this is still bugged.


    I hope Trion gets to fix these bugs soon .
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    Necro pets deal significantly less damage to invasion bosses.
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    plague bolt has been fixed and rebroken the last few hotfixes. Currently it seems to be applying two stacks of deathly calling.

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