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Thread: I need some direction

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    Default I need some direction

    Ok up to 1.3 i was running a 34ele/32storm build and was doing decent dps with crits as high as 4.8k with lightning strike, but after 1.3 my dps has lowered. Now i want to dps higher and I have tried to do a pyro build, but i just seem to suck at it. I think its my rotation since i have tried a 34pyro/32ele build and it doesnt seem to pull alot of dps, about 600dps with 850 sp and 660 crit. I am in gear that is slightly better then T1, but not as good as T2. My focus is at 209. I know this is speriadic and i apologize. I just want to do more dps. Please if someone can show a good rotation to use or a macro that works I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Check out Bluedot.org
    and this http://forums.riftgame.com/showthrea...mages-dont-cry

    You will find decent specs/rotations there
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