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Thread: my new pve chloro build

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    Default my new pve chloro build

    self buffed(only 5x PS + pet golem) 1171SP/619SC unbuffed
    vs 51chloro 15 warlock
    +5% crit chance
    +30% crit dmg and heal (better scale from raid buffs vs 51chloro)
    +3 charge per second (pet golem w only AA) i can use 3/4 skills w EV on
    -10% dmg taken
    ice shiled 764absorb
    bloom nonctir -1777, crit 3279
    flourish noncrit- 1061,crit 1909
    wild growth- 185/333
    withering wine 61/110

    raid healing

    vile spores(aoe heal+EV) crit 906 +1st tick 308 - 1401 heal / 1.8s =778 hps
    ruin (aoe heal+ EV) crit 988+335 - 1528 heal /1.5s= 1018hps
    NT (aoe heal + EV) crit 1427 - 1612 heal /2.3s= 700hps
    tank healing

    vile spores(aoe heal+EV) crit 906 -1306 /1.8 =725hps
    ruin (aoe heal+ EV) crit 988 - 1426/1.5=950hps
    NT (sing heal +EV) crit 1427 - 5155 /2.3=2241hps

    51 chloro15warlock
    only 5xPS

    bloom nonctir -2089, crit 3142
    flourish noncrit- 1213,crit 1830
    wild growth- 213/319
    withering wine 61/91

    raid healing

    vile spores(aoe heal+EV) crit 788 +1st tick 256 - 1277 heal / 1.8s =709.9 hps
    ruin (aoe heal+ EV) crit 824+280 - 1352heal /1.5s= 901hps
    NT (aoe heal + EV) crit 1190 - 1428 heal /2.3s= 621hps
    tank healing (didnt test)

    vile spores(aoe heal+EV) crit 906
    ruin (aoe heal+ EV) crit 988
    NT (sing heal +EV) crit 1427

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    Tempest does not increase healing crits, only crits from damage spells. Well for a cjloro that os.more healing but I meant direct heals :P

    Also you shouldn't be tank healing with this. Overall this will be for raid healing more then single. Also using air pet for charge every 2seconds is fine aswell. In 5mans the charge bonus can be great unless a bard or warlord can provide it :P

    However I do aggre that it.scales nicely in raid situations. However the issue is that it relies crits to do healing above other builds. Because of this you can be very spikey in healing. I wish ele-armor worked on life damage. Otherwise id easily run 44/22 ele/chloro and try that out +15% damage and 30% crit? Yes please
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    So you are saying that 30% more crit damage > +18% base damage, 25% faster charge gain, and Opportunity?


    And then there is this mountain of utility you could run with 37/29 (an odd split of points IMO):


    I mean, if we are going to go with the premise that 37 Chloromancer is all you need than one could argue that the old 36/30 build isn't out of question either.

    ...if I'm raid healing I'm running 32 Chloro 34 Lock not 51/15.
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