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Thread: To all my fellow mages; do not dive off the deep end.

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    Default To all my fellow mages; do not dive off the deep end.

    I know a lot of people are extremely dissapointed and trying to figure out what to do as far as mage specs go. But, before everyone keeps ranting and claims they are going to quit just take a quick breather and read what I am about to say. I will avoid a wall of text if I can haha.

    I have played numerous MMOs, and I can safely say Rift is my favorite since dark age of camelot and is going rather smoothly as well compared to other MMO releases and patch release days. With this in mind, yes mages in this game take a bit of effort to get the most out of them. I love the challenge and always adapt to whatever change the devs decide to make. Which in every case there are changes in your spec/rotation you will need to adapt with.

    Really what I am trying to say is be patient with trion. This is a very hard game to balance considering the multiple soul system. They do read the forums and do try to provide what the players are wanting. I am pretty sure this "depression" of mages as some are calling it will not last long. It is a great game and something like this should really not throw the earth up side down as long as you put effort in to it and try to adapt.

    Edit: I said adapt A lot sorry haha.
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    Op, the fact that other classes can do so much more with 2 buttons is not a problem with mages being harder, its more like mages just ****ing suck atm.

    they nerf one of our only viable dps specs, and zoomancer is an UNNacceptable bandage

    lock/necro still sucks...

    speaking from a pure pve aspect, really disappointing seeing them nerf mages because people cry in pvp

    i dont mind the chloro changes, except for the fact archon/chloro isn't very viable anymore
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    Here's a better idea: How about Trion not dive off the deep end? Oh wait, too late...

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    I'd understand anyone quitting to be honest.

    Mages were the lowest DPS before 1.3 and by far the hardest to play, then rather than leaving them alone, or buffing them slightly they gutted the one DPS spec we had leaving us with this one utter joke of a spec.
    You can't really blame someone for wanting to quit after that can you? If you want to talk about being patient with Trion though, we were, I don't remember any posts pre 1.3 about how much harder it was to pull off a BS/AB rotation than any other class had to deal with even though we still couldn't match them on DPS.

    For me I'm seeing this as the ideal time to level up an alt. Though if my mage isn't fixed soon I'll be out of here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugarpop View Post
    Here's a better idea: How about Trion not dive off the deep end? Oh wait, too late...


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