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Thread: Making the Elementalist into a Tank Soul

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    Default Making the Elementalist into a Tank Soul

    So I says to myself, I says: "What would it take for a mage to tank?"
    And then I says (because I talk to myself), "A tanking soul!"
    "But it would be horribly unfair for us to get a whole new soul!"
    "Why not just revamp one we already have?"

    I picked the Elementalist, because I could. I tried to stay as true to the original abilities as possible, using the original tree, and as many original ability names as possible. Here's a link to the original Elementalist for reference: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0z_q_

    I'm of the opinion that Mages should be the worst of the tanks. My goal was to be quite good at tanking magic and range, while still being pretty squishy for physical damage. Sorta like the opposite of a cleric! My math is pretty shoddy, but it should give you a general idea of what I was going for! And if you don't notice right away, I was totally just cribbing notes from the other tank builds.

    I replaced the pets with elemental armors: earth is tank-mode, air is more-air-damage-mode, and water is splashing-mode. And I got rid of the cast times for everything but Lightning Strike, because tanks don't like cast times.


    Without further ado:

    0- Crystalline Missiles: Reduced to 19-22 damage, made instant. (it's the single target spam!)
    0- Aegis of Earth: The mage becomes a conduit to the plane of earth, increasing threat by 200%, endurance by 50%, and armor by 100%, and decreasing damage dealt by non-earth spells by 50%. Only one Aegis may be active at a time.
    2- Lightning Strike: Unchanged, but becomes super threatning with "Charged" (see below)
    4- Stone Armor: Unchanged, but stacks with AoEarth. (So... 1350ish armor at 51 Ele, but only in Earth-form)
    6- Revitalize (channel, 30 second CD): Deals 26 water damage over 6 seconds, and restores 2% of the mage's mana each second.
    8- Ignite: Lights the enemy and up to four nearby enemies aflame, dealing 14 damage instantly, and an additional 28 damage over 10 seconds.
    10- Spur (8 sec CD): Deals 22-25 earth damage and forces the enemy to attack the mage for three seconds.
    10- Track Elementals: Unchanged!
    12- Aegis of Air: The mage becomes a conduit to the plane of Air, increasing Spell Crit by 5% and damage with air spells by 15%. Only one Aegis may be active at once. (That should counter the loss of Charged for SC single-target)
    14- Burning Ground: Surrounds the mage with an aura of fire, doing 260 damage to nearby enemies over 8 seconds.
    16- Quicken Elements (10 sec CD): Send ripples through the planes, interrupting the casting of all nearby enemies within 8 meters. Does not trigger a GCD.
    18- Elemental Forces: Weaker, doesn't consume charge, stays up for an hour. (Think Crag Hammer or VotWS)
    20- Icy Gale: An icy blast that hits up to 5 enemies in front of the mage for 88-112 damage and slows them. (Multi-mob spam, not earth!)
    26- Aegis of Water: The mage becomes a conduit to the plane of Water. The mage's single-target damaging spells do an additional 10% water damage to a target within 7 meters. Only one Aegis may be active at once. (It's a thing that splashes?)
    26- Impel (1 min CD): Encourage the opposition with sharp, pointy rocks, doing 12-15 Earth damage, in addition to forcing them to attack the mage for 3 seconds.
    32- Sever Bonds (2 min CD): same, but not on GCD. (I hate trash that opens with a stun! It's mean to the Wardens!)
    38- Mass Synergize (2 min CD): Reduces all incoming damage by 50% for 10 seconds.
    44- Summon (1 min CD): Pulls the target and up to 5 enemies within 7 meters through the elemental planes to the mage, and forces them to attack the mage for 3 seconds.
    51- Swarming Flames (2 min CD): The mage transforms into a swarm of flames, removing curable harmful effects and rendering it immune to harmful effects and damage for three seconds.

    The Tree:
    Velocity: Increases your Armor Value by 5% (25%)
    Biting Cold: Unchanged

    Ice Shield: Unchanged
    Elemental Link: Aegis of Earth reduces all damage you take by 2% (10%)
    -Aegis of Air increases all damage you deal by 2% (10%)
    -Your single-target damaging spells splash to an additional (five) target(s) while using Aegis of Water.
    Charged: Lightning Strike casts 33%(100%) faster and generates (a lot of) additional threat.

    Ashen Armor: Increases your Endurance by 5% (15%)
    Exposure: For 15 seconds, if the Exposed enemy is attacked, it takes 12~43 additional damage. If using Aegis of Earth, this damage generates additional threat for the mage. (Doesn't stack with Spotter's Order)
    Icy Carapace: Consumes all charge to summon an icy shield to protect the mage. Absorbs 1.5% of incoming damage for every ten charge consumed. Lasts one minute.
    Abrasion: Your Icy Carapace reflects 25% (50%) of the absorbed damage back at the attacker.

    Sacrifice (5 min CD): Consumes all the mage's mana. The target takes 1 earth damage and the mage heals 1 health for each mana point consumed. (This ability cannot crit, is not affected by SP, and does 70% less damage on enemy players.)
    Weathered: Reduces the damage you recieve by 2% (10%)
    Improved Quicken Elements: Increases incoming heals by 5% (10%)

    Greater Elemental Affinity: The Mage's Aegis of Earth increases Endurance by an additional 5%+1% (35%) and armor by 10+2% (70%) for every point spent in the Elementalist soul above 21.
    -The mage's Critical hit damage bonus increases by 30% while using the Aegis of Air. (Yay, Tempest!)
    -The mage's single target spells do an additional 10% splash damage while using the Aegis of Water. (For a Total of 20%)
    Fiery Assault: Unchanged, but not affected by knockback. (Because that would be bad!)
    Force of nature: Increases earth and life damage by .4% for each point spent in the Elementalist soul. (An option for chloros!)

    Planar Expansion: The mage's damaging elemental spells add an absorption shield to the mage. Each shield absorbs 15% of incoming damage, up to 4%(20%) of the mage's maximum health. This can stack up to ten times.
    Synergize (2 min CD): The mage attunes to the target, reducing the damage it deals to the mage by 50%
    Tempest-Increases your dodge by 15% of your SP and your parry by 25% of your SP. ('bout time this appears!)

    Intensify Elements: (2 min CD)- Summon forth a torrent of elements, dealing 100 damage of each fire, water, air, and earth damage to the target and up to 10 nearby enemies over 10 seconds. (A whole pile of DoTs! Yay!)


    So, that's my vision for a mage tank.

    I stuck some ideas in there to let it play with other souls. I can see this soul having fun with Archon and Warlock and Chloro, if things were shifted around a little bit, tanky-wise. Healy-wise, I stuck in that passive life damage boost. DPS-wise, well, that's the air and water armor. Just silly ideas, not even slightly balanced, number-wise.

    There are plenty of numbers that can be tweaked up or down to make the mage specialize in one type of tanking or another, correct DPS, balance aggro, and so forth. I probably stuck in too many "reduces damage taken" things, or not enough "reduces damage dealt". We'd still need toughness gear, tanky essences, weapons, and so forth, but it would certainly be something to do! I mean, I wouldn't mind having a second set of armor to roll on.

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    It would be neat to have the option, however it feels that Trion has really stuck with "Classes can have 3 of the 4 roles" across the board. If we got a tank soul, I'd also want Warriors and Rogues to have Healer souls and Clerics to have a "support" soul.

    That being said, in the magical world where this happened, I LOVE our elementals and would love to see an arrangement that utilized them. I think your build is creative, but why convert a Pet soul over to a non-pet one? DAoC's Necromancer would be a cool template to start with. I'd like spells that convert our threat on mobs into our pets, that buff our pet's ability to perform its duty (pet-only absorb shields, our crits cause our pet to block the 2-3 next incoming attacks, etc), or that lessen the enemy's ability to damage our pets.

    If a caster class were to be converted, and pets removed, I'd opt for one of the others. Lock is already really close (Mortality, dmg reduction talents, life leaching, armors, temporary HP buffs). The same kind of methods you outlined here could work there as well. I'd just be bummed for the class to only have 1 pet-based soul. Taking advantage of the already-existing tanking pet would be a more elegant solution, in my opinion. Though I loooove the ideas you have here.

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