Cookie cutter builds are production templates, min/maxed or analysed to identify the optimal build for each respective role.

The flexible soul tree system Trion devised seems integral to the game's design philosophy. My guess is that the preference is for greater diversity, which plays well with the builder/explorer mentality.

What if there is a clue left for us in 1.3? A clue to encourage greater diversity in our builds and further, in our preferred teams? The intent might be to promote greater inclusion rather than exclusion.

If everyone is gimped then, in theory, no one will be gimped.

If 1.3 really is a clue the developer has left for us we should be able to project that if any particular build/loadout becomes necessary to be included, and anything else is excluded (hybrids) in given circumstances we should expect class changes will be not far behind?

Chloromancy, for example, might really be needing more healing clerics for single-target hps.

Just thinking. I was toying around with various hybrids, mostly chloro-arch with a splash of pyro, and got to thinking about how it might be a good build but it would never intentionally be included in a team.