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Thread: Life Givingveil Greater Essence Healing procs patch 1.3

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    Unhappy Life Givingveil Greater Essence Healing procs patch 1.3

    Has anyone else noticed that Life Givingveil no longer procs the heal over time Greater Essence? I also have not seen any damage spells with a healing effect cause the proc (Warlock Draining Bolt, Chloro Withering Vine). The only thing that has triggered the effect for me now is a direct healing spell like Chloro Bloom.

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    Well it's definately proccing my crystal vine when I use lifeBOUND veil, I haven't used LGV much so..

    1) It's a bug


    2) You're just not noticing.

    One of the two. Make sure, test very thoroughly, ideally use the dummies and a player with lifetap and try for a couple of minutes at least, and if it's not proccing then it's a bug, report it and how you managed to not have it proc.
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    It is possible that your crystal vine is being overwritten by another healer's crystal vine.

    Both of my essences (tear and vine) are procing off LGV and LBV.
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    I just checked a minute ago, both Frozen Tear and Crystal Vine procced for me using LGV.
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