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Thread: Stormcaller Rotation and GCDs

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    Default Stormcaller Rotation and GCDs

    I recently added SC/ELE to my souls having played Pyro/ELE up to lvl50, and am trying to implement some highly recommended rotations. I'm using the test dummies and so, am in no way under stress.

    The first 'plain vanilla' rotation (after the 3 stacks of electrify are in place and not considering Static Flux, Static Discharge or Intensify Elements, for the moment) is Ice Shear>Lightning Strike>5@Cloudburst>Thunderbolt (to refresh electrifies) ... repeat. I watch for the timer on the 3 stacks of electrify and stop Cloudbursts when it hits 2 secs to allow for the 1.5 cast of TB. I can generally get in 3@CB and rarely 4@CB, but I never, ever have enough time for 5@!

    The same problem exists when I try a more complex rotation including Building Storm, Arctic Blast, etc. and again recommending 5@CB ... I'll be lucky to get 2@ in that one!

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    If you are hitting every spell on the gcd, you should be able to hit 5 cloudbursts after lightning strike before you need to refresh. Your stacks don't fall off after 1, the timer actually goes to 0 before it drops off so you may be refreshing a second prematurely. Also, use raging storm to refresh when you can as it does very good dps. Other than that, as long as you are keeping up your pillaging stone, it seems like you have the general idea of the rotation.

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    same problem

    bahmi male mage here.

    tried a guildie's eth mage and did 4-5 CBs(used to be lightning field back then) in a rotation easily
    got him to try my bahmi male mage and he also mentions that somehow my character felt more sluggish.

    i never did get to the end of the problem though , GMs just tells me to submit feedback report everything i complain.

    nowadays , i just do 3 CB and try to cycle in AB asap.

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