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Thread: Necro/Lock in need of advice

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    Default Necro/Lock in need of advice

    I have just started playing Rift and hit 50 yesterday.

    My build is:


    I think I have built the build for as much single target DPS as possible but I may be wrong. If you can see anything in the build that can be improved on please comment.

    When fighting bosses I am currently using this rotation:

    Necrosis, Dark Touch (reapplying when they run out) Plague Bolt, Soul Purge (when DoTs have over 8 secs and charge is plentiful) Again can anything be added or removed to improve my DPS?

    Lastly I have looked at several sites but nothing goes into great detail like elitistjerks does for WoW. I know it is early days but can anyone suggest any sites for theorycrafting.

    Thanks for any help I'm given.

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    I'm by no means an expert, but you could certainly do with dropping the Revenant and using the Zealot for single target DPS, as with the 3 skill points in his skills instead I believe he does a reasonable amount more damage. You'll need to slot in Looming Demise maybe after Dark Touch, to boost his damage.

    Aside from that it's just a case of using Sac Life Damage and Neddra's Torture I guess to boost damage whenever you can, and Lich Form (and Empty the Crypts if you're near the boss, cast an instant as soon as you Exhume them/use Oppurtunity for them to get them attacking ASAP) to maximise your damage.

    I use the build with Life Leech and Void Bolt replenishing it, with Grave Rot for Deathly Calling rather than Plague Bolt, so you could try that, but both work. Anyway look up Bluedot's site, find a post by him and its in his sig, since I'm fairly sure there's some NecroLock parses there.

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