Hi all,

Trion policy of nerfing mage every patch has destroyed this class dps and healing capabilities.

I tried pyro/sc and noted that its burst dps is way too low compare to other calling.
Chloro has been nerfed too hard, specially separating the aoe and single target healing.
Dominator has been improved a little bit, but with rogue going invisible and then breaking the squirrel, you will go down like a fly, if not, rogue will go invisible again...

Warrior dps is high as well, I was constantly healing against his 1300/1600 damage per hit and had no chance to hit back.

Mages nerf order:
- Reduced survivability by nerfing GOS and Archmage tree
- Second nerfed healing and dps

Next nerf would be:
- Delete the mage calling

Trion needs to increase the mage dps and healing capabilities and bring it in line with other calling dps before its too late. Other classes run toward us like a lion chasing a deer...

Just my two cents...