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Thread: Has anyone tried pyro/dom?

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    Default Has anyone tried pyro/dom?

    So I'm not very good at putting points into certain specs, but has anyone tried a pyro/dom/archon spec? I was thinking with new split personaility boost and heatwave, that even in a 5 minute boss fight you could pull some viable numbers out of this. Was thinking something like 38/28/5 dom/pyro/archon, what do you guys think? If anyone could make a build I'll parse it and post the results.
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    I tried pyro 31/dom 31 /archmage 4, good and deadly, but low survivability in pvp..

    Try this in pve http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1z...k.ec0czhcuxo.m
    pyro 31/dom31/archon 4...
    And see how it goes...

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