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Thread: some help with DR plz

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    Default some help with DR plz

    trion please give DR some fix because when i got a warrior chasing me down and i thow everything i have at him but he is immune to it all it makes me sad because 1 guy decided to stun/ root him 10 seconds ago. i mean only 2 classes of DR is ridiculous!

    you know what would be nice a debuff with a counter on the enemy declaring what he is immune to when he hits DR. so good players can actually react to the situation instead of hoping and praying that something will land. this would be acceptable with the 2 classes of DR. otherwise thin out the pool a bit because as a dominator when you can put every debuff imaginable on your target and a rather large gcd it would be nice not to have the target immune to 5 different spells which is very valuable time wasted in pvp.

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    Yup. This is what happens when you balance PvP around a fail DR system.
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