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Thread: Chloro Help....

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    Default Chloro Help....

    I'll just start by saying yes I should L2P or <insert unoriginal comment here>.

    I know that 51pt Chloro's are having a fair bit of success in dungeons now. Have any pre-50 Chloro's been having any success in dungeons solo healing? If so, what spec(s) are you using? I would like to solo heal dungeons again but it just seems impossible until I hit level 50 and put all my points in Chloro.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I am lvl 28 and have just put all points in chloro and the rest in lock. Use synthesis and Lbv, whenever the party takes damage use flourish if they are still taking damage use wild growth if the tanks starts dipping use bloom and pop entropic viel and spam like crazy until bloom is back up, So far I haven't done a fight that I couldn't solo heal. I've heard that once you get natural healing that using lgv for group healing and naturla healing on the tank works to. Hope this helps. I'm still learning chloro myself and it can be tricky.

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