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Thread: A nutter who has rolled a new mage.

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    Default A nutter who has rolled a new mage.

    Hi all,

    despite the nerfs in 1.3 I've decided to try a mage out.

    What do you more experienced mages suggest as the best levelling spec, mostly solo but joining in on rifts and invasions?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    best choice, dont level a mage cause its ****

    second more painful choice but dominate questing - lol like its hard...

    is going necro / warlock

    max out necro mainly till 16 when u get soulpurge and then get dots and such from warlock

    later on around like 30ish+ start putting more into necro for new pet

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    Yep I agree, necro/lock is great for leveling with soul purge. It's great damage and heals you and your pet and costs no mana, only using charge. It also has no cooldown so as long as you have charge you can channel it.

    Also at 50 I parsed my mage at about 960 dps on the boss dummy. I can't get that much with my sc/ele rotation. I'm not the best at it and never got the hang of the building storm and arctic blast rotation though. Some people are able to do really well with sc/ele still, but for me, I use necro/lock for bosses in experts mostly now.

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