i've tried quite a few builds so far in the patch, and there are quite a few chloramancer/warlock builds and of course the incredible Dominator Builds currently available

But for shear killing power, I found this one to be the best

You get 4 Dots with this build, all 4 crit players (even rank 6 ones) for 300+

You get burst in the form of Draining Bolt/Dark Fury (put Draining Bolt first in the macro, it has a animation wait while it travels to the target, dark fury doesn't, it instantly damages the target, I found DB crits for 1500, and DF does about 1100, so it's basically our Cinderburst)

Mass Fear/Mortality for adds, and of course your Defensive Cooldowns

this spec doesn't have the "Burst" of the old Pyromancer builds, nor will it kill the same amount of KB's in a group fight (no inferno makes me a sad panda) but it is easily more durable, and puts out more dps with instant cast dots on multiple targets.