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Thread: Void Life issues (Chloro)

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    Default Void Life issues (Chloro)

    There are 2 aspects of this spell that greatly diminish its effectiveness:

    1) You have to stay within 20 meters from a tank in order for the bonus healing part of the spell (+90%) to work. So when the tank runs away a bit your healing suddenly drops almost by half. Would be great if the talents that increase LBV/LGV range also affected Void Life bonus heal range.
    2) In order for Void Life to do all 3 damage/healing ticks, you have to watch your cast bar, wait for the cast to finish and only then start casting the next spell (which leads to at least half a second delay between casts). If you queue your next Void Life when the last one is still casting you lose its last tick (and thus, 33% of the spell's total healing).

    Also, I'm somewhat disappointed that the most effective tank-healing routine is just spamming Void Life and using Bloom and Entropic Veil for when the tank gets low. (Void Life spam it does the same HPS as Void Life / Nature's Touch rotation but delivers more stable healing flow, so there's no sense casting NT other then on opportunity procs, which can't be tracked reliably with current UI.) I've also experimented a lot with Livegiving Veil, and while its extremely useful in raids, It's better to always stay with LBV in 5-man experts.

    So, while I like Chloro changes overall (healing became less bursty and the damage nerf was justified), I've found that healing in 5-mans is still boring and monotonous, I expected a more varied playstyle.
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