Hey all,

I was pretty unhappy with the mage changes so cancelled my sub. BUT I still have about a month left. Beyond working on an alt I thought I'd have some pvp fun, since I"m not really gonna be doing much pve content now.

Pre-patch all I played was chloro (and I was pretty good at it). I have never used another mage soul, and have no idea how to play anything other than chloro. Literally no idea whatsoever.

Pre-patch I also go to pvp rank 2, and started buying some pvp gear (only 2 pieces, but better than zero).

So! All of that said ...

Is there a good non-chloro pvp build that is easy to play/learn? I have a chloro pvp-survival build, but I don't really feel like using chloro now ... I'd like to try something new.

I don't necessarily need/want the most powerful pvp spec available ... would probably be too complex for me to learn anyways. Just something with a nice easy learning curve, where I can blast/kill people or whatnot fairly easily, and slowly learn new tricks from there.

Thanks ...