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Thread: Mage AOE over time spells question

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    Default Mage AOE over time spells question

    what AOE over time spells act in the traditional manner, as in Cast and forget it...not sit their holding channel

    I got grave rot and hailstorm
    I guess radiate death kinda does the same under the right circumstance

    not familiar with archon's aoe

    but am i missing something....is that the only one's you cast and run?

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    Lava Field in Archon and Burning Ground in Elementalist. Dominator AoEs aren't typical, but are cast and forget.

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    The term for the type of AoE you are reffering to is:

    Rain AoE- This is an AoE cast on a location or npc/person that stays over the projected area and rains down multiple waves. Rains are fire and forget always.

    They need more Rain type AoE's in Rift, having 2 and the rest channeled is pretty lame, but then again one could pretty much shut down a huge area with 3 rain aoe's, so its probably for the best.
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