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Thread: 1.3 Pvp Specs

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    Default 1.3 Pvp Specs

    Looking for a 1.3 pvp spec. I've seen several threads but none of them contain links. Any help is appreciated

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    You won't find many of the better pvp players who are willing to give you their exact specs. A lot of them will give you advice if you post a build for criticism, and you'll of course find the cookie cutter generic builds linked (there aren't many of those for 1.3 yet btw). However, unlike pve when somebody comes up with something unique and effective for pvp the majority of people tend to keep it to themselves. Competition is tough in pvp, whereas sharing a spec in pve can actually help you by improving the dps of the rest of your raid's mages.

    Just my 2 cents. Plus like I said nobody's really figured out a great mage build for 1.3 yet, we're all kind of still reeling from the massive nerf bat beating we took.

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