I took a look at bluedots 1.3 testing and specced into what he did with 51 chloro 10 dom 5 ele and it's not that bad. Since the Lfg tool was disabled i was able to do t2's without anyone knowing and the healer in the group switched to tank since the tank had to go which left me the undergeared Chloro to main heal the last boss of AP t2 and it didn't turn out that bad. I think for the patch they wanted the chloros to use more of their Cd's then the usual spam spam spam. Turned out using natural splendor wild growth and flourish all twice but i always had one to use in case something went wrong. Keep in mind Chloro abilities are all mostly 2.5 casts and this fight i had to keep moving in a circle to not get hit on top of dodging AoEs. I think the chloro still has potential to heal t1's and t'2 coming from me being undergeared. So yeah I feel as this patch was meant for chloro users to use more of their abilities even there Cd's more often to prevent people healing by spamming Nt and Vs. If you seen anything or had experiences so far with the chloro changes please talk about it.

Also take a look at bluedots article really helped. http://bluedots.org/2011/06/17/1-3-chloro-testing/
Btw hope you don't mind me making a thread blue <3