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Thread: Current mage bugs

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    Default Current mage bugs

    Stormcaller. The electrocute ability no longer deals damage, roots, or applies electrified stacks after the knockback effect has occured. The channel breaks immeidately after the opponent has been knocked back. This happens in PvE as well as PvP. I have tested in duels on flat ground, so no LoS was broken, although I'm assuming the issue has to do with the new way channeled abilities break when people go out of range or break LoS. Actually, as I'm typing this, it has to be the range issue. Electrocute can only be cast on someone in melee range, so when you knock them back, technically the ability is "out of range", and that must be why it is breaking.

    A few dominator issues. All of the stun effects that also deal damage(mental shock, disorient, death's edict) do not deal damage when the person is immune to those CC effects.

    I have heard that priest's lament and arresting presence's interrupt effect are not working, though I have not tested those yet.

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    Default Stormcaller- Electrocute


    Electrocute is still broken in PvP, only works in PvE.

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    Withering flames will not apply the last stack unless you have 30 or more charge when the last tick occurs, despite only requiring 15 charge.
    It will, however, still remove that 15 charge.

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