I am a lvl50 mage. I've always been a mage. It's the class and playstyle I enjoy the most.

I tried starting another class but, honestly -- it feels like work at this point.

A few questions:

- What is your vision for mages? Where is the dialog? What is your response to the dissatisfaction with the current state of mages? All I see is 'let them eat cake'. This type of mentality has cause many to abandon (myself included) recent games. You only get so many chances.

- What are mages needed in a group now?

- Are clerics forced to spend 51 points to be effective healers?

- Why aren't there class advocates or some sort of representation for each class? Do you take player feedback into consideration? prove it.

- I leveled as a necrolock and enjoyed it. Once you start hitting experts people expect you to play certain combos. Damage = sc/ele, support = chloro/x. How often do you go into an expert and see something other than those two combos? 10:1? 20:1? Are other classes as pidgeonholed as mages?

I bought this game and selected a 'recommended' *cough* *cough* (translation: dead) server. Despite that, I leveled up and had a mostly enjoyable experience. Now since my home shard is more or less officially dead, I need to find a new home.

You best be carefull with this wack-a-mole approach to class balance. Once people leave they are more often than not gone for good. I'm not there yet, but I can see it in the distance. You can add all the new flashy content you want -- but if the classes suck, it's perfume on a pig.