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Thread: Trion HotFix Us!!!!!!

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    Default Trion HotFix Us!!!!!!

    We completly suck now! Clerics are dpsing and healing us! Ok yes a chlor can still main heal but we need a bard helping WTF. We are still behind rogues and warriors in dps and this will only get worse as people learn new cookie cutter specs and get there rotations down. There is absoloutly no reason for mages to do anything but pvp and even that requires dom as a crutch! i wont even begin on how you messed pyro up my fulm hits the same as a fireball crit 1.2k from 3k. this is ridiculous no clue how it made it to live but of course it did.
    Bright side is.... lol for mages there is no bright side there is a slightly bright spot which is Dominator was fixed.

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    I hear dominators are good at draining mana now. You should refer to the cleric forums for relevant QQ
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    Healing as chloro and pvp and pve is ultra easy now, I welcome the change.

    I think you should change your forum name to scrub or badplayer123.

    Void life spam and the occasional bloom is all you need to keep the tank alive. Void life also acts as a cadence on healing your party or raid. Its so easy now.

    If anything let me teach you how to play heres the rotation:

    Tank heals : void life, void life, void life, void life
    If your tank sucks, add a bloom somewhere in between.

    Party/Raid damage : flourish, void life, void life, void life, void life, flourish

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