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Thread: In-Depth Guide to Chloro/Archon Healing in 1.2

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    Default In-Depth Guide to Chloro/Archon Healing in 1.2

    Before we begin, if youíre new to Chloromancer and healing as a mage, youíd want to start off with a different build, specifically the 34Chloro/32Lock variant located here:


    This is the standard basic healing kit that most Chloromancers use and what I personally use in Raids for reasons Iíll explain later. The reason why youíd want to use the Chloro/Lock is simply because of the mobility and ease of use this spec offers as well as great passives to boost your damage (which inadvertently boost your healing) and self-survivability actives such as Neddraís Essense (80% damage reduction) and Shadow life (50% more health + massive self-heal).

    For this guide, I will be focusing on my personal favorite 5man and 10man healing spec, the 34Chloro/32Archon spec located below. Note, this is build will need much more attention to buff timers, debuffs, and a lot more buttons to press than the Chloro/Lock and isn't for the inexperienced or lazy healer.


    *The 34Chloro soul distribution can be up to your own discretion, this is what I personally use and have found to work best for myself and play style. Many choose to not put points in Call of the Spring due to the fact it does NOT affect Lifegiving Veil heals while only affecting Essence Surge, Flourish, and Bloom. I often use these spells while healing and found that my heals through Lifegiving Veil to be more than enough to keep the tank up.

    Some key point talents that I believe every Chloro should have are:

    Healing Slipstream, Bloom, Empowered Veil, Synthesis (duh), Natureís Touch (another duh), Phytogenesis, Natural Fusion, and Essence Surge

    For our purposes here, you should NOT USE THIS spec when in a raid setting, specifically because of the conflicting nature of Archon Buffs not being stackable, which is the backbone of this build. So if there is a 51 Archon in the Raid (which there should always be) then you should switch over to the Chloro/Lock variant to prevent such conflict.

    For those of you who have previously used the Chloro/Lock spec and are unconvinced to how the Chloro/Archon is superior in utility, heals, and damage, Iíll be comparing the benefits of both the Chloro/Lock and the Chloro/Archon


    20% extra spell damage

    5% critical hit chance

    10% chance to instant cast next spell

    25% more charge generation

    10% extra health

    50% self-heal and 80% damage reduction


    16% extra damage and heals (Power in Numbers with all 4 Archon buffs up)

    7% magical debuff on enemy (Crumbling Resistance)

    5% physical debuff on enemy (Ashen Defense)

    50 Flat reduction to Intelligence/Wisdom/Dexterity/Strength debuff (Pillaging Stone Debuff)

    10% damage debuff on enemy and 10% increase damage on the mage (Power Drain)

    52 Flat increase to party Intelligence/Wisdom/Dexterity/Strength aura (Vitality of Stone)

    48 Flat increase to party Endurance (Shared Vigor)

    39 Flat increase to party resistance (Arcane Aegis)

    504 Flat increase to party armor (Tempered Armor)

    75 Flat increase to mageís intelligence (all self-buffs up, Pillaging Stone + Rock Slide)

    15 Flat increase to mageís Wisdom/Dexterity/Strength and Resistances (Pillaging Stone)

    25 Flat increase to mageís Endurance (Searing Vitality)

    100 Flat increase to mageís armor (Ashen Defense)

    5% damage debuff on the enemy and 10% increase in damage for the mage (Waning Power, 1 min long)

    15% spell power and attack power party and self increase for 20 seconds (Flaring Power)

    8% reduced cast time (Speed in Numbers with all 4 Archon buffs up)

    Ground AoE purge AND cleanse (Cleansing Flames upgraded with Purging Flames)

    A 2 debuff cleanse (Purification - useful on specific fights such as Majolic in AP)

    A ~1000 damage shield (Consuming Flames)

    Ability to restore 30% of the mageís current mana (roughly 1500-2000) to any party/raid member (Mental Flare, 2min cooldown)

    5% increase in partyís (and self) critical chance hit (Earthen Barrage for 15 seconds on a 15 second cooldown)

    5% increase in partyís (and self) damage (Volcanic Bomb for 10 seconds on a 15 second cooldown)

    Absolutely no mana issues with Leeching Flames, Mental Flare, Living Shell, and Exhilaration

    As you can see, the Archon variant gives the entire party buffs as well as offers a multitude of utility that many other specs canít offer. Most notably the AoE purge, mana regeneration to a party member, and 15% enemy damage debuffs (Waning Power and Power Drain).

    When directly compared to JUST the Warlock passives, you should get a constant 23% extra magical damage with Crumbling Resistance (7% magical debuff) and Power in Numbers giving you 16% compared to the 20% from Improved Warlock Armor and Dark Power. If during a boss fight you should have the 10% spell damage from Waning Power and the 5% damage increase from Volcanic Bomb in your rotation giving you for the most part 38% increased damage, meaning 38% extra heals. You get the 5% critical hit chance from Earthen Barrage and the almost equivalent of the 10% instant cast of Opportunity with an overall 8% cast time reduction with Speed in Numbers.

    You lose out on some overall health, the increased charge generation, and some self-survivability actives, but for the most part those are relatively small losses except for very specific situations.

    As for rotation, the general Chloro healing rotation stays roughly the same:

    Natureís Touch (pre-cast if you know itís going to be a big pull or have a rogue tank) > Crumbling Resistance > Vile Spores > Ruin > Radiant Spores > Natureís Touch > Earthen Barrage > Volcanic Bomb > Vile Spores > Toggle Entropic Veil or Power Drain if needed/have charge > repeat

    Thatís the general rotation if you have ALL your self-buffs up.

    For when your buffs run out youíll have to rotate using Natureís Touch and Vile spores + Ruin with Pillaging Stone, Rock Slide, and Searing Vitality to make sure youíre still healing the tank as you slowly gain your stacks.

    From experience, Iíve found Searing Vitality to be the easiest (but also least important) self-buff to gain since it is simply 1 cast and each DoT tick gives you one stack, Pillaging Stone to be fairly easy to rotate between Natureís Touch and Vile Spores, and Rock Slide to be the hardest because of its 6 second channel and 30 second CD + the requirement of 60 charge or more to gain all 6 stacks. In general, Iíve usually use Rock Slide last and only on the last mob of a pull so I can keep healing the tank.

    Depending on how geared the tank is and how stable his health seems, you can just continue to gain your self-buffs if heís taking less damage and doesnít need to be kept up continuously.

    For example, when my buffs run out or if I enter a dungeon my rotation looks like:

    Natureís Touch > Crumbling Resistance > Ashen Defense> Vile Spores > Ruin > Radiant Spores > Pillaging Stone > (Natureís Touch > Pillaging Stone > Vile Spores)x4 > Rock Slide

    Once you have all your buffs up itís really just a matter of keeping an eye on them every 5 minutes and reapplying the timer before they run out, which should only require 1 cast or 1 tick of Rock Slide.

    During Boss fights you should immediately debuff boss with Waning Power, Crumbling Resistance, and Ashen Defense to increase party DPS as well as your own. Continue with your usual Chloro rotation and throw in a Pillaging Stone to debuff the Boss as well when you feel comfortable, but is of low priority if the tank needs a lot of heals. Use Flaring Power at your discretion when you need the extra DPS or whenever you feel like depending on the Boss fight (this can also apply to Waning Power if the Boss hits harder such as Gronik the 4th boss of CC). Keep Power Drain up on the Boss whenever you have 90 charge or more, but make sure not to have Power Drain/Entropic Veil up when you have Flaring Power, as youíll need the charge to keep it up for its full 20 second duration.

    My macros that I use are relatively simple and mostly just to save space on my action bar because of all the abilities I utilize using this set:

    Standard Healing Macro:

    #show Natureís Touch
    cast Natureís Touch
    cast Vile Spores

    Instant Spells Macro:

    #show Ruin
    cast Ruin
    cast Radiant Spores
    cast Leeching Flames

    The reason why I have Ruin macroed in front of Radiant Spores is because the CD on Ruin which is 15 seconds is essentially the timer I use to reapply Radiant Spores which wears off in 16 seconds. So when I see Ruin off CD, that means I just need to press the macro once more to reapply Radiant Spores. I also have Leeching Flames at the end of the macro in case Iím low on mana or if Iím trying to deal extra damage on the boss.

    Archon Attack Buffs Macro:

    #show Earthen Barrage
    cast Earthen Barrage
    cast Volcanic Bomb
    cast Pillaging Stone

    For this macro, I rarely end up casting Pillaging Stone because I have it by itself on my action bar to use to put on my buffs, but I added it to this macro mostly just to refresh my stacks without having to click another button.

    I also use a lot of mouseover macros for Bloom, Consuming Flames, Mental Flare, Natureís Cleansing, and Essence Surge. Itíll look like:

    #show (skill)
    cast @mouseover (skill)

    Using these mouseover macros Iím able to easily just put my mouse over the party/raid character of whoever I want to heal/cleanse and cast it while keeping my target on the mob for my spells.

    Some general Chloro healing tips:

    1) Try to save your Ruin until after you cast your Vile Spores when Natureís Touch is on CD. Doing this, you can heal your tank for just about the amount of a non-crit Natureís Touch and will give you plenty of leeway for the 2.3 second cast time for Natureís Touch.

    2) If your tank is low on health and youíre still casting Natureís Touch, use Bloom on the tank right after your Natureís Touch gets casted. Many times Iíve seen a tank die JUST BEFORE my Natureís Touch hit the mob, so giving that extra 1-2k heal on the tank can give him just enough life to survive before your big heal lands.

    3) Be VERY wary of using Essence Surge. ONLY use this ability if you know that your tank wonít survive long enough to cast a Natureís Touch/Vile Spores and your Ruin, Bloom, and Flourish are all on CD. The 50% reduced spell damage is a HUGE killer on your heals so if you end up having to use Essence Surge, pop a Flaring Power, Entropic Veil, Waning Power, or ANYTHING to make sure you can keep your tank up for those 12 seconds.

    4) Speaking of Entropic Veil, when to use this over Power Drain and vice versa: I generally use Entropic Veil during trash pulls because of the 9% extra damage means overall healing towards the group, while I use Power Drain on Boss fights to try to minimize damage on the tank since there is generally only 1 mob to debuff.

    5) ALWAYS use Crumbling Resistance on the mob you are attacking. That extra 7% heal can make a significant difference in your heals especially when a crit Natureís Touch can heal for upwards of 9k. In addition, try to let your team know that you have BOTH the 7% magical and 5% physical debuff that last for 5 MINUTES compared to most classesí 30-60 second variants. These debuffs DO NOT STACK so save your team a GCD and let them know youíre going to use these.

    6) Whereas I always cast Crumbling Resistance on whatever pull it is, I only use Ashen Defense if there is only 1 mob during a pull. Casting it on every mob in a pull isnít worth the GCD and only endangers your tank with the lack of healing from you.

    7) Use Consuming Flames on your tank at the beginning of pulls, especially if it is a rogue tank to give yourself a little more leeway to cast Natureís Touch. It also doesnít generate any aggro putting a shield on a tank BEFORE the engagement.

    8) You CAN have both Entropic Veil AND Power Drain up at the same time if the situation calls for it, but I would recommend not doing this as it drains your charge very quickly.

    Well that's it for my guide and I hope you have found this helpful to your healing and understanding of the Chloro/Archon potential! Now go out there and heal! =D

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