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Thread: Mage UI Question

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    Default Mage UI Question

    Hi guys. I usually play mle classes, but I've been having fun trying out a Mage. One thing I don't understand though, is whether they have a 'combo' system, like the Warrior's 3 points-and-hit system and Rogues' skull system.

    My mage is an ELE/STRM/PYRO, and I see that the Electrified effect has a hexagonal counter under the enemy target info when I hit them with Thunderbolt and Electrocute, but I can't find a way to activate it like a combo hit. If it was just a regular debuff, surely it would appear in a small square with the other mob buffs/debuffs.

    Mage is only level 9 at the moment, so maybe it's not 'fully cooked' yet?

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    It's just stacks that help your SC skills proc by either increasing it or just making it do dmg.

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