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Thread: Elementals wont get higher than level 30 pyro/ele.

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    Default Elementals wont get higher than level 30 pyro/ele.

    I recently switched over to Pyro/Ele and haven't been able to get my elemental past level 30, I'm 36. Do i need to put more points into the elemental talent tree to increase their level or purchase it somewhere?

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    I had this same problem with a chloro/necro I think its because at that level you start getting the greater elementals, If you put all your points in ele that is. Its not thay bad thoughby 30 you start getting more survivability moves, although if your soloing I suggest going elementalist/ warlock. you get moves to increase charge and can turn charge to health or mana.

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    You need to pick up a talent in the elementalist tree to get the "Greater" pets that will level above 30. This talent is available after spending 20 points in the tree (so a build with Greater pets need at least 21 points in elementalist)
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