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Thread: Huge variation in damage.

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    Default Huge variation in damage.

    Hi folks,

    I've been playing stormcaller for the last week, running zones with it (33/33 SC/Ele, 1000SP, 500crit) I've noticed that my damage will vary wildly from one fight to the next. Even fights within the same zone that have the same mob composition will vary sometimes as much as 800 DPS over the encounter.

    Generally speaking my rotation on a 3group encounter goes something like this (Assume 5stack of PS):
    Static Discharge before pull.
    Hail Storm as soon as I know where the mobs will be tanked.
    Forked Lightning x3
    Intensify Elements and Trinket here (440 crit trinket)
    (flux on) Lightning Storm. Flux off as soon as it is cast (not 100% sure this works, but haven't noticed the damage changing between tick 1 and 2, so seems good to save charge)
    After LS, (BS on) Lightning Field to clear all electrifies (BS1)
    Forked Lightning x3 (BS4)
    (BS off)(flux on) Arctic blast
    Lightning Field cos mobs are almost always dead by now. (flux off)

    Now I use almost that exact same rotation every fight, and some fights I'll be 2k, other fights I'l only be 1100. Is this just a massive swing on crits due to trinket use? Can anyone suggest a change to my casting order?

    Second problem I'm having is that I can't make SC/Ele work for single targets. NecroLock consistantly gives me 200-300 more DPS than the SC/Ele.

    For single target it'll be something like this:
    Static Discharge before pull.
    Hail Storm once I know where he'll be.
    Raging Storm (or Forked lightning x3 if RS is down)
    Ice Shear and refresh Exposure
    Intensify Elements and Trinket here (440 crit trinket)
    (flux on) Lighting storm (flux off)
    (BS on) Lightning Field x3
    Forked Lightning (BS4)
    (flux on) Arctic Blast
    Lightning Field x3 (flux off)

    Or something like that. This usually will only get me 500-600 DPS on a single target. Running NecroLock will give me 700-900 DPS on single targets.

    Any reason why? Can anyone help with either problem?


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    If you cast Static Discharge before the pull you don't get the benefit of Ice Shear and 3x Electrify for the first few ticks.

    Other then that, without knowing your group composition I would chalk it up to a variation in group buffs.

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