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Thread: Witchcraft's 7 different Mage Spec's

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    Default Witchcraft's 7 different Mage Spec's

    The Storm/Elem and the 51 Elem indicated by the ****** Are just about the same Dps on single target with full t-2 gear in raid can both break 1k dps, but the Effort using the 51 Elem is small compared to the Storm/Elem.
    Using Macro..

    #show Icy Carapace
    cast Icy Carapace
    cast Lightning Strike
    cast Crystalline Missiles


    PVE-Single target DPS 3nd highest + a Consumption skill

    PVE-AOE DPS and Single **********


    PVE-Solo good for leveling

    PVP-DPS Burst

    PVE-Single Target dps also great Solo class ********

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    most of those builds are just cookie cutter builds...

    also FYI there are much better options for 5 points than sticking them in elementalist for the crit

    in your chloro build, its better if you take those 4 points from ele and put them in raised in nature and the warlock survive skills. in the long run 4% crit really isnt much compared to staying alive through a bosses AoE.

    in the archon build, again, 5% more crit and 2% more int is not worth losing 20% fast casting fire spells and ground of power for 10% more damage. go 9 dom/6pyro

    and i don't know about 51 elementalist as a dps soul, i think bluedot tested it extensively and found out that its decent but not anywhere near a stormcaller (or pyro for that matter)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redcruxs View Post

    in the archon build, again, 5% more crit and 2% more int is not worth losing 20% fast casting fire spells and ground of power for 10% more damage. go 9 dom/6pyro

    6 pyro is a waste. 5/5 ignition puts your TWO fire spells below gcd, which is a waste.

    The 10% fire damage (50-60% of your damage) from the GOP imo isn't worth the extra 10% incoming damage you get.

    At a base of 1050 sp, +10% int only gives me +25sp.

    If you want more oomph out of your archon, go 4 pyro 11 chloro.

    4/5 ignition puts your spells at GCD. 4pts pyro aslo is enough for Fire Armor.

    11 chloro gives you +25% int on demand, Radiant Spores (which triggers BP), fully upgraded LGV/EV, a .8s Bloom, and a Synthesis to throw onto another target.

    Even if you don't have LGV up, the chloro gives you more bang for your buck than dom.

    dom is old news.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Five View Post
    dom is old news.
    Say that to Uruuluuk, Herald Gaurath or Alsbeth.

    Yes I am sure you can squeeze more DPS out of Archon with a sub Chloro but if you are breaking 500 dps on movement intensive fights and 700 on stand n' spam fights then you are doing just fine as Archon. My raid appreciates the Dom tricks far more than a few more DPS from me.
    People use the words "casual" and "bad" interchangeably, when in reality we should not. A casual player in an mmo is someone who plays the game but due to outside events cannot play it for long periods of time. A bad is a player who stands in the fire, ignores boss mechanics, complains about the former, makes nonsensical statements, wants to be pandered to, and all around tanks most mmos.

    Its like if I pay to take a college course that I know is supposed to be hard and instead of taking it, I complain and bother the professors that it is to hard. I dont study, I dont practice, I just complain. After all I am paying for the course so I should get an A+.

    I have not see mmos go harder only easier. I dont think for a second that trion is "pandering to the casuals that ruin our games", no I think it is that trion is making mistakes and feels that the bads who play their game for 3 months and leave are worth more than those who play for the entirety of its life.


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