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Thread: Issue with Lightning field not doing any dmg

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    Default Issue with Lightning field not doing any dmg

    I'm trying out a sc-elem spec and when at the practice dummies I keep running into an issue where the Lightning Field spell stops doing any dmg after a rotation or two.


    I open up with raging storm followed by Ice Shear.
    I then have a macro tied to a key that casts Lightning Strike and Lightning Field.

    First rotation I can see dmg being made by the Lightning Field spells.
    Next rotation I use Forked Lightning to keep up the electric charge and renew the Ice shear.

    This round the Lightning field spell simply doesn't do ANY dmg according to the screen log.
    Sometimes it happens on the second rotation and sometimes on the third.

    I make sure I have electric charge - but the dmg..just stops.

    Any ideas?

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    probably forked lighting hits more than one dummy so lighting field start bouncing and eats all elettrified debuffs, thus doing no more damage as it does damage only against elettrified targets.
    elettrified debuff status in the interface is still buggy.
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    for single target (which is what I assume you're doing since you're using ice shear), use thunderbolt instead of forked lightning, and you wont have electrify stacks on more than one target, so charged field wont activate.

    otherwise, you'll need to reapply forked lightning for each electrify field that was worn off. (once for two targets, twice for three targets, all three stacks for more than 3 targets).

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