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Thread: Neddra's Grasp (possible bug) and Pet on passive

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    Default Neddra's Grasp (possible bug) and Pet on passive

    Don't know if it was covered elsewhere. Tried to search, but to no avail.

    1. Neddra'S Grasp
    The tooltip for Neddra's Grasp says:
    Places a dark presence on the enemy, causing them to suffer 16 Death damage each time they perform an action, up to 5 times over the next 15 seconds. +9 Charge.
    The problem is, that when you use it on caster mobs (haven't tried it in PvP, which means I have no idea if it works on enemy casters) the ability doesn't work (based on the DoT icon on mob, which normaly count downs from 5 to 0 as the mob performs actions).

    TLDR; Neddra's Grasp works on melee and ranged type mobs, but not on caster mobs.

    2. Pet on passive

    Sometimes when I put my skeletal zealot on passive after a while it stops responding to attack orders, I have to put him in defense to start attacking mobs.

    Have any of you ran into these problems and is someone willing to test what causes pets to ingore your commands on passive?

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    Same experience on the Pets here. Occasionally I have to cycle through the different actions on the Pet Bar after a "Stay" or "Defensive". It's annoying but I got used to it.

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