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Thread: BIS Weapon(s)

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    Default BIS Weapon(s)

    Alright, trying to decide which relic to take when it finally drops with respect to a chloro MT healer. At the moment my options are

    1) The GS staff


    2) 1 hand sword with the crit chance proc + the off hand healing totem with the mini DSM trinket proc

    Now the first variable is that the totem's proc is getting switched to proc more off direct heals instead of ae heals. The second variable is currently the staff you can put 15% crit bonus to while the 1 handers get basically worthless + mana stones.

    The 1hander combo gives me a lot more + spell power and gives me 2 useful proc's while the 2 hander gives me a useless proc but gives the ability to put +15 crit bonus damage. I'm leaning towards getting the two 1 hand relics with hopes they add something other then just + mana items to them. I crit close to 50% of the time in raids for the most part so thats an effective 7.5% damage increase I'll be losing (rough math of course)

    Anyone done the actual math on the two options to make a good decision? (obviously its going to vary depending on your crit rate (higher the crit rate the better the staff option is).
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    It's either


    Or a combo of


    The staff is arguably better since you can use Witchstones on staves and not on 1 handers. Also for some reason Amunet's Shimmering Spellblade is not on zam.

    Dodge wand.


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