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Thread: [Bug] Stormcaller Electrified Stacks Broken

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    Question [Bug] Stormcaller Electrified Stacks Broken

    Well it has happened multiple times now on various situations that Stormcaller electrified stacks either bug out their timer, do not remove themselves from the mob properly, or stack past 3+ times.

    The cases are as followed:

    Sometimes the timer bugs out and stops counting. I do not know exactly why it does this, but having more than 1 stormcaller in group/raid usually causes this when applying electrified to the same mob.

    This also applies to stacking more than 3 times on a mob. In Greenscale tonight, myself and a fellow stormcaller were seeing 6 stacks of electrified on the same boss (note this applies to all mobs, not just that boss) and the timer was being reset by one another's thunderbolt/aoe/raging storm. This is highly annoying for dps purposes and forces us to use ice shear as a guide for when to re-apply a stack of electrified.

    The other case where electrified doesn't remove itself is when you are using the branch passive "Charged Field." What this does is make it so your lightning field basically hits the target twice so long as it removes a stack of electrified from multiple targets. My issue with this was that after I use lightning field 2-3 times (depending), the stacks of electrified still remain on all of the mobs. I do not know how much stacks of electrified are on the mob because it always shows up as 3 on the mob even though it is zero stacks. I can replicate this both in dungeons and on the target dummies.

    Please look into this.


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    Just keep bug reporting in game and it will get fixed soon.

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