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Thread: Thinking outside the box for pyromancer damage

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    Default Thinking outside the box for pyromancer damage

    For the record, I do play a mage, but have never played a pyromancer and have no idea what the problem is (still levelling) - however it is a bit hard to avoid all of the pyromancer QQ

    Just had a thought about a fun way to 'nerf' pyromancers.

    If you are PvPing, standing in Ground of Strength... and do too much damage ... there is a 1% chance that Maelforge will 'choose you', open up a rift and suck you into Plane of Fire. You then need to spend time escaping the plane to rejoin the real world.

    So.. pyromancers would need to be very careful about doing too much damage or they'd have to spend 10-15 minutes out of the action...

    Any other bizzare suggestions out there :P

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    If a pyro pops a crit over 3.5k their mage robes instantly turn into this for 1 hour

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