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Thread: Dominator 51: Draining Presence

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    Default Dominator 51: Draining Presence

    Draining Presence seems like a very interesting skill, but I am not too clear on the mechanics.

    As a charge skill - does the effect disappear once the charge is gone, or do the debuffs that a character received persist once the charge is drained?


    PS I have enjoyed playing dominator a lot, and feel it helps the team - but it is not very visible. When I swap to my stormcaller, I get far more favor, and top damage charts - which makes it seem like my toon is doing a much better job.

    But tactical domination of healers, particularly difficult opponents seems to be a more useful job in many ways. I wonder how favor is calculated for doms.

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    First of all, favor is calculated by (I'm fairly certain) how many kills you have gotten and how many objectives you have completed. And not killing blows, just being around someone who has been killed or helping them get killed.

    Secondly, Draining Presence's effects on the target are not effected by your charge and will last until expired, not until your charge has ran out. This is a very good spells for taking out an annoying warrior or rogue, and very good on other mages as well!
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