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Thread: Pet healing on mage pet classes?

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    Default Pet healing on mage pet classes?

    Hi. Im pretty new to this game, but so far I love both the elementalist and the necromancer classes.

    One thing I miss however is the healing of the pets.

    On Beastmaster(warrior) and Ranger(rogue) you have the possibility to apply a HOT(heal over time) to your pet. I can find no such thing for the mage classes.

    Am i missing something?

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    Necromancer has Soul Purge in the branch talents and Revivify, Life Shift and Blood Binding as root talents for healing. Elementalist has Quicken Elements at 16 points, and a talent to improve it.

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    Elementalists can heal the pet by 100% within 4 seconds.
    Takes trivial mana.

    Necros always require charge to heal their pet, regardless if they use Soul Purge or their 80% within 8 sec pet heal.

    Elementalists have the sturdier and easier to heal pet while necros and theit pets put out massive single target damage in comparison so that the target often dies before the squishier pet requires much healing.

    They aren't better or worse. They are different.
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    Yeah elementalists definitely have the king of pet heals, at 50 my earth pet gets healed for like 1400dmg per second, its almost unkillable with that going and 30% dmg reduction from talents unless its up against a raid boss or something. And like has been said, the necro tank pet will put out more dmg but he only gets 16% dmg reduction and necro heals can't keep him up as long in some situations. Soul Purge is outstanding against most things just can't heal through spike dmg from tough elites like improved quicken elements can.

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