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Thread: Stormcaller Bugs

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    Default Stormcaller Bugs

    This is mainly in concern with more than one stormcaller in a fight. First of all electrified charge should only be shown from what you are currently doing. Since your 30% buff from electrified is only by YOUR electrified on the target, seeing it refresh from other stormcallers is a terrible disadvantage. It leads to way too much attention being placed on watching the NUMBER of stacks drop as opposed to the timer itself.

    Field can still be used on other stormcallers electrified buffs. The damage is not as high as your own electrified buffs, but from the previous statement, you can obviously see this is a problem. Your own stacks can be applied on top of their electrified stacks. I watch electrified raise to six (obviously not at six) and any time anyone refreshes it resets the timer. It doesn't really. It just does on the UI.

    This is obviously not a huge problem. But it is something that should be addressed.

    Also -

    There is no way in hell charged field is a DPS increase. It bounces, which is cool, but it removes stacks of electrified, which sucks. After two casts (Maybe it's just dummies) you need to reapply forked lightning or whatever to get your stacks back up.

    Doing the math - With the point in charged field

    Forked lightning stacking = first 30% less damage second 20% less damage third 10% less damage.

    First field 30% more damage x2 second field 10% more damage x2. Then reapplying your stacks.

    Without the point -

    first three forked lightnings are same as above.

    All fields are extra 30% damage. No need to reapply forked, which is less damage, until it's around 3 seconds left. No loss in extra damage from lost stacks. Continue fielding.

    I don't have a parse but if someone wants to do testing on this (Do either two full mana tests on each or 3 minutes. That should be enough. It should also be on the three side by side test dummies.) feel free.

    The math just... doesn't seem to make sense to me. The only reason to ever use charged field seems to be on greater than 5 targets, which rarely rarely happens, and only after casting a 30 second CD channeled spell before hand and then field.

    There are a few ways I can see to fix this charged field situation but it's not my call. Considering our DPS this patch I assume that stormcaller will be monitored closely.

    Honestly I was hoping for a more intricate class than getting electrify 3 and then just spamming field until it needs to be refreshed. I haven't found hypothermia to be useful at all in a PvE raid setting.

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    Just for clerification I don't even like this roll. Archon is my true love.

    Truly enjoying the support classes in this game.

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